Based out of beautiful Humboldt County, we are proud to be a part of the budding wine culture up here. Flor D' Luna is as small as a boutique winery can get but, it allows us to focus on quality hand-crafted red, white and rose´wines. We do not have a vineyard so, we source all our grapes from throughout Northern California.

We are a team of two and we do it all from varietal choice, crushing, fermenting, bottling, marketing and distributing!  We try to make wines from single vineyards and sometimes 100% straight grape varietal such as our 2014 Sonoma Cabernet Franc which is outstanding!  Our wine is available online, in select restaurants, and stores throughout Humboldt County.

  Thank you for checking out our website and please give us a call 707-296-6525 or an email

-Sonja & Jason

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